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Meggings Man Clothing: 1 Year Anniversary

WGN Chicago Interview (centered, Founders Andrew and Adam)

WGN Radio, Chicago Interview (middle, Founders Andrew and Adam)

One year, we’re still here. And that’s all you!

In the midst of the coldest winter Chicago had seen in years, an idea sparked. After many late nights and a little bit of luck, it caught fire. Meggings Man Clothing set out to reintroduce people to the idea of men wearing form fitting pants. And to destroy the concept that masculinity was defined by what a man should or should not wear.

After a two month media blitz kicked off 2014, it became pretty clear the world had been reintroduced to men in tights. And, judging by the success of our first year, the idea of masculinity in clothing has shifted. Believe me though, that didn’t happen overnight.

Paul Estrada rope climbing in American Meggings (Alt).

Paul Estrada rope climbing in American Meggings (Alt).

The first few months of this year, while certainly full of Meggings Man supporters and people with a real interest in what we were up to, had many haters. My partner and I have a Dropbox folder full of hateful comments. We kept nearly all of them. These would act not only as motivation but also something to hopefully look back on and realize how far world has come in regards to men’s fashion and acceptance in general.

As the trolls faded, the real fun began. The Meggings Man community took off and really came alive. We’ve gotten to know a lot of you guys through social media and customer emails. It’s been a legit experience and one that shouldn’t be understated. You, our customer, are the energy that keeps this train moving.

Black on Black Meggings

Black on Black Meggings

In the first year, our meggings collection has grown from 8 styles to nearly 40. And there is so much more to come. In the next year, we will bring you more meggings styles (of course) as well as some really great clothing options to compliment your meggings.

To celebrate one year, please use coupon code “ONEYEAR” at checkout to save 25% on all orders placed by January 1st, 2015.

Happy Holidays, guys. And thank you for Year One,

Andrew & Adam