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Meggings at the Gym!

Its no surprise that the versatility of meggings hasn’t gone unnoticed by men at the gym. Comfort and style make our mens leggings an easy way to stand out among the crowd of so many men wearing similar types of leggings activewear.

The growing trend of activewear and general workout clothes blending, not only practical use, but fashion and individual style has found a natural home at Meggings Man Clothing.Workout Meggings The use of our male leggings has a virtually limitless application to the modern male wardrobe. Men are able to find the comfort and flexibility that are vital to a rigorous workout in meggings. The challenge for men is to find stylish workout clothing that they can wear to the gym and out on the street. We’re all busy these days, so a versatile form of clothing that makes a stylish mark, before, during, and after the gym is becoming more and more convenient and sought after.

You never know when the paparazzi will be waiting outside of the gym ready to snap a pic of you.

Kanye West Meggings


The Rebirth of Menswear: Meggings (The Man Legging)

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2014, THE YEAR OF MEGGINGSWhile the Seattle Seahawks may have won last nights Super Bowl XLVIII, the real star of last nights event was Anthony Kiedis meggings worn during the Pepsi Halftime Show. Meggings, or male leggings for some, have been over the last year creeping into mainstream style and last night solidified that they’re here to stay, at least for 2014.

While some find men in leggings confusing and outright strange, it really isn’t a far cry from skin tight skinny jeans that have been on trend for a while now. With solid colors and out of this world prints, like the Jeremy Scott ‘Internet’ leggings Kiedis wore, there will definitely be a meggings style to fit any mood.

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The Long History of Meggings Revealed

The Rebirth of Menswear: Meggings (The Man Legging)

Originally posted on RD Vizcaino REDEFINING MENSWEAR

RD Vizcaino is an excellent guide for high-end fashion and unique menswear.

RD Vizcaino is an excellent source for high-end fashion and unique menswear write-ups.

We all know fashion looks to history for inspiration and I look forward to the day everyday men’s fashion embodies concepts of dress from the Middle Ages and the Baroque period to name a few of my favorite eras. However let’s not bring back the corsets for women but let’s bring back the hose (tights) for men. Although today every girl has at least two pairs of leggings in her closet because they are “so comfortable,” and even though they don’t wear them as intended –to be layered not use them as pants- this garment is a great piece to have in your closet fellas.

Leggings have been a part of wardrobes roughly since the thirteenth century although there was probably a similar garment earlier on. There have been various forms of the legging and of course it was not always called the legging or megging as they are called for menswear. They have been called hose during the Renaissance, trews in Scotland, panalettes during the Crinoline period, and puttees among other names. This garment was initially worn by both genders usually for warmth, even protection, as one can understand. In fact soldiers in the nineteenth century wore a legging type garment to block dirt from entering their shoes, these garments were called puttees. Basically at first soldiers would wrap a thick cloth around their ankles but later on the canvas leggings were used by soldiers. Cowboys wore them to protect: their legs from chapping (as a result of riding,) snake bites and their pants from tearing. However it was not until the 1970’s that leggings were worn for fashion instead of just functionality mostly by women.

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