The Rebirth of Menswear: Meggings (The Man Legging)

Originally posted on ITS GAB RAF

2014, THE YEAR OF MEGGINGSWhile the Seattle Seahawks may have won last nights Super Bowl XLVIII, the real star of last nights event was Anthony Kiedis meggings worn during the Pepsi Halftime Show. Meggings, or male leggings for some, have been over the last year creeping into mainstream style and last night solidified that they’re here to stay, at least for 2014.

While some find men in leggings confusing and outright strange, it really isn’t a far cry from skin tight skinny jeans that have been on trend for a while now. With solid colors and out of this world prints, like the Jeremy Scott ‘Internet’ leggings Kiedis wore, there will definitely be a meggings style to fit any mood.

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